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Fantastical Plants of the Western Ghats

  • Spiral Ceropegia

    • All images by Prasenjeet Yadav
  • Myristica Swamps

    • All images by Prasenjeet Yadav
  • Black Pepper

    • Prasenjeet Yadav
  • Cluster Fig

    • All images by Prasenjeet Yadav
  • Strangler Fig

    • Prasenjeet Yadav
  • Oakleaf Fern

    • Prasenjeet Yadav
  • Ghost Orchid

    • Ghost orchid stem: Siddarth Machado
    • Magenta ghost flower: Nirupa Rao
  • Sundews

    • All images by Siddarth Machado
  • Glory Lily

    • Glory lily: Prasenjeet Yadav
    • Glory lily leaf: Siddarth Machado
  • Elephant Foot Yam

  • Neelakurinji

    • Prasenjeet Yadav

Spirit of the Forest


Spirit of the Forest

  • Exploring the Western Ghats

  • Formation of the Western Ghats

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  • Forested Wetlands & Myristica Swamps

  • Flora & Fauna

    • Barytelphusa guerini (Freshwater crab)
      Krishna, S., & Somanathan, H. (2014). Secondary removal of Myristica fatua (Myristicaceae) seeds by crabs in Myristica swamp forests in India. Journal of Tropical Ecology, 30(3), 259-263.
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    • Gollum snakehead
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    • Kathalekan marsh nut
      Dasappa & Swaminath, M.H. (2000). A new species of Semecarpus L. (Anacardiaceae) from the Myristica swamps of Western Ghats of North Canara, Karnataka, India. Indian Forester 126(1): 78-82
    • Myristica Swamp Tree Frog
      Abraham, R. K., Pyron, R. A., Ansil, B. R., Zachariah, A., & Zachariah, A. (2013). Two novel genera and one new species of treefrog (Anura: Rhacophoridae) highlight cryptic diversity in the Western Ghats of India. Zootaxa, 3640(2), 177-189.
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  • Sacred Groves & Conservation

  • Forest on Stilts: A Personal Essay

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